Monday, May 7, 2012

Salvador Orara

Salvador Orara:

Salvador Orara
Work from Affection Research Lab
“(ARL) Affection Research Lab: Affection Stations is a thesis project by Salvador Orara searching for ways to reconnect to our devices to facilitate revelations. They are designed as immersive installations which listen, and transcode a device’s unique incidental sound, exposing them to be more than just tools, toys, or gizmos but content generators revealing our intimate relation to them.
There are three stations: the Sound Station, Kinetic Station, and the Light Station. These “primary” stations are a means to provoke larger conversations on the presence of our electronic residues, also known as electromagnetic activity. Rather than designing to protect or provide awareness of these imperceptible activities, the Stations provoke conversations by becoming physical, tangible, and perceptible.

The Affection Stations are for the public. The Stations provide a space for one to discover their own meaning, and their own affection on how their device presents itself through the stations. They are a means to poetically inform our generation and of those to come, of the materiality of our time. The Stations are a means to express the possibilities of new relationships with our devices — a paradigm shift on how they are constructed, physically, computationally, electronically. The Stations embrace the inevitable electromagnetic spectrum, and exposes a new realm for design to take hold.”
via Creative Applications

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