Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Enrico Boccioletti

Enrico Boccioletti:

Some great works from Enrico Boccioletti. The first project into the post and the image above is from the series called "Content aware" which consists in a collection of edited pictures downloaded from fashion blogs, where the subject is assimilated to the background using content-aware fill in photoshop. It is also an ongoin project at http://content-aware.tumblr.com. Content-aware fill is a feature introduced in photoshop CS5 which matches any selected area to its surrounding context, as like as the removed object never existed. The subject of the shot is not actually removed or deleted but only absorbed into the background, de facto equalizing both of them on a same level of relevance. Also, a ghost (an idea) is still visible in the picture, a reminder of the actual subject (a real person) that was there.
Every image comes with a name and an address as caption, a fake name generated generated by an algorithm according coherently to a set number of parameters. See more;

thanks for the tip Kim!

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