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Null Stern Hotel

Null Stern Hotel

The Null Stern Hote is an Art project of the two brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin. They opened the Null Stern Hotel on 5th of Juni in a bunker that normally is almost unused.

Specular holograms by Matthew Brand

Specular holograms by Matthew Brand

Mitch Trale

Mitch Trale:

I have recently discovered the great work by Mitch Trale, which is quite mesmerizing including colored and gradient based loop animations running through .swf like the one above from atrophy.in series, and gif layered compositions like in renders.in (showing one on the bottom of the post). Mitch Trale has also created interesting virtual and interactive websites which make the user feel a perfect fusion between virtual and real environments, my favorite one is Gallant Aparatus, due the structure of the virtual space fits very well with the real structure of Yayoi Kusama's installations. See more;

Gallant Apparatus, 2010 

Three Reinstalls After
Yayoi Kusama —The Internet obliterates itself

by providing a surface upon which

an infinite number of sites may exist as

independent contextual zones. 

Analog Environments, 2009

"This piece explores the perceived divide between our online and offline experience. The Internet is a projection and reflection of what we think the world is like. Our online reality is as inextricable from our offline reality as any object in any mirror, however distorted.
We use technology to attempt a capture of true sight. The application of photography, holography, 3D geometry scanning, and VR, will inevitably flatten the dimensionality of the world. It's this apparent loss that leads us to believe that digital sight exists on a level beneath analog sight.
I believe that these two sights run parallel, and that each possesses a distinct ability to visualize the superstructure of the Internet, as well as the logics which drive our offline lives."

Ann Veronica Janssens

Ann Veronica Janssens:





Ann Veronica Janssen

Work from her exhibition at Ausstellungshalle Zeitgenössische Kunst Münster.
“Ann Veronica Janssen’s artistic practice can be understood as a research expedition into the sensory experience of reality. The artist, who lives in Belgium, uses various artistic techniques and disciplines–installations, projections, films, urban interventions, photographs and sculptures–and invites the viewer to enter new frontiers of perception that can shift between such diverse experiences as vertigo or the disorientation of a blinding white-out. Her minimalist works emphasize the fleetingness, transience and impermanent character of the visible. Her use of all-encompassing light effects, blinding colors or translucent, reflective surfaces destabilize a sense of physical matter and reveal the ultimate instablility of the perception of time and space. In her often-jarring installations, Janssens finds sensual approximations for such nebulous ideas as emptiness, immateriality and the infinite.
For her exhibition in Münster, Ann Veronica Janssens will respond to the unique conditions and atmosphere of the exhibition architecture and develop various, site-related light-sculptures and light-installations with minimalistic objects. Along with older works, she will show new installations created specifically for this context.” – Ausstellungshalle Zeitgenössische Kunst Münster

wfw weekend #50

wfw weekend #50:

installation view from “NO; NO;                                    H” by TOBIAS MADISON

as seen on Friday, February 22, 2013 at Kunsthalle Zürich

image © wfw
this exhibition is running through March 23, 2013

wfw weekend #51

wfw weekend #51:

Hobby, 2012 (wood, metal, jeans, foam, clay objects) and Standard Type, 2012 (inkjet print, handmade wood frames)

both by JAN KIEFER and part of his solo exhibition entitled Guaud*

at Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz (CH)

seen on Sunday, February 24, 2013

image © wfw
 * on view until March 31, 2013

Cocky Eek

Cocky Eek:

Some great inspirational images from the work of Cocky Eek, using different transparent and reflective materials into natural environments, playing with wind and light forming interesting organic sculptures in the air. Into the post you can see Illumine and Scapes projects, in a previous post I posted several pictures from Blobs and Float (see here) which shows lab set-ups for exploration in equilibriums, floating rooms, and space toys in connection with the human body, interesting too! See more;


'The first corporeal form which some call corporeity is in my opinion light.'
Robert Grosseteste

They become alive when starting to breath
moving their inner light space
the skin is the beholder of their integrity
preventing themselves for being solved in outer space

Noctiluca miliaris, or “thousand nightlights”, or many people call it the "light of the sea". It is an organism which looks like a transparant balloon with a small tail. It produces that bioluminecense light of the sea, to scare of its predators. One summernight I swom with a transparant costum stuffed with small glow in the dark sticks in the nortsea. I was an obvious enemy; the Noctilucaas started to flash their lights and intermingled with my the "glow in the darks" of the costum. Only a few passengers were witness of a luminous phenomenology and all what's left is a picture of an empty costum after the performance..."


"White Sands Various forms of dunes are found within the limits of White Sands in New Maxico. Dome dunes are found along the southwest margins of the field, transverse and barchan in the core of the field, and parabolic dunes occur in high numbers along the northern, southern, and northeastern margins. These dunes contain solely of Gypsum which is rarely found in the form of sand because it is water-soluble. Normally, rain would dissolve the gypsum and carry it to the sea. The Tularosa Basin is enclosed, meaning that it has no outlet to the sea and that rain that dissolves gypsum from the surrounding Mountains is trapped within the basin. The dunes constantly change shape and slowly move downwind."

Arcades by TROIKA

Arcades by TROIKA:

Arcades, 2012 by TROIKA_

"Arcades is a site specific installation that inscribes one architectural space within another; an arcade made of the light is implanted into a space defined by strong brick walls, a pitched roof and exposed wooden beams, that of a former stable. The arcade is given shape by a series of 14 pillars of light that are met by fresnel lenses refracting the rays that travel through their focal points. When travelling through the lenses, the light beams do not simply change direction but bend hyperbolically to form the arches of gothic architecture." See more;

"Arcades creates a spatial suspension of disbelief which questions our relationship with the metaphysical in a world increasingly governed by practical, rational and scientific principles. By confronting the viewer with the seemingly impossible phenomenon of bending light it creates a space for contemplation and introspection, suggesting a synthesis between agnostic reason and intuitive belief.

The arcade of light lies between the intangible and physical, the visible and the seemingly impossible. It asks the viewer to pause and contemplate the surrounding space whilst promoting openness rather than closure. The illusion doesn't usurp but rather re-enforces the experience of a space. Here, in the spirit of stain-glass, of ‘Lux Nova’, in which spirituality is invoked through light, science invokes the sublime."

'Arcades' is a site specific installation for Future Primitives, Biennale Interieur 2012, Kortrijk Belgium.

30 m (L) x 2 m (W) x 3.2 m (H) Lenses, lights, steel and aluminium

Art is alchemical — a transmutation of matter, fusion of forms & elixir of expression.

Art is alchemical — a transmutation of matter, fusion of forms & elixir of expression.:

External Stimuli : Thomas Brown Photography, Tumblr

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Anders Krisár

Anders Krisár:
The work of Stockholm based artist Anders Krisár often deals with the human body. It is discomfiting, presenting objects of simultaneous horror and beauty. Krisár takes realistic casts of human body parts, torso, arms or faces to modify hem in ways that lend them a surreal quality. His aim is to explore interpersonal relationships and examine the complexities of the human condition.

All images © Anders Krisár