Thursday, April 5, 2012

Death Grips Go Into GIF Retrograde, Reinvent the Music Video Again

Death Grips Go Into GIF Retrograde, Reinvent the Music Video Again:

A piece of music is heard by everyone differently; that’s a big part of the idea even. Pop music in the 21st century does amazing work, however, of micromanaging music into something as unfree as possible; you might say that industry turns music into a technology. But, at the same time, and at an even steeper curve, technology is blowing music up and out, making it even more free and unstuck, whether that’s making unique compositions from sunlight laying on a field or putting super-advanced production tools in the hands of basically any jerk with a computer. Sadly, the good stuff is mostly the domain of the underground. Jacob Ciocci, who you may know from Extreme Animals, recently did a video project of sorts for post-future rap-noise trio Death Grips called RETROGRADE that’s a cross between a soundboard, a video, and an alien “something else.”
Motherboard’s sister site the Creators Project talked to Death Grips last week, and it’s worth a read. The group explains RETROGRADE as such:
It’s an infinite GIF sampler. There are 109 loops that you can start and stop at will. Depending on the number of loops you trigger and the way you time them, an infinite number of visual/audio combinations are possible.

It’s inspired by Mercury being in retrograde right now (until April 4, 2012). The piece is an expression of the infinite/fractal nature of every moment in time. When creating music, we are sticking/unsticking ourselves to endless time snakes—the idea that the smallest/tiniest of moments contains everything in the universe—Progress/becoming UNSTUCK.

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