Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thomas Koenig

Thomas Koenig:

(Untitled) detail, 2012


(Untitled) detail, 2012 courtesy of THOMAS KOENIG

Swiss artist THOMAS KOENIG weaves sculptural installations developped from an intuitive process of playing with anything that catches his eye and triggers a sculptural response; having the right shape, color or volume. As a result, his working materials and subject matter are to be found everywhere; his aim is to divert materials from their prescribed functions, inventing ways of making these things improper again and thus, inhabiting a new reality.

THOMAS mainly works with sculpture although he also realizes performances, drawings and paintings, which are often incorporated in his installations.

And good news: THOMAS KOENIG is currently having a new solo exhibition entitled NEVER TRUST A MAN WITH NO CELLPHONE at Aad Galerie, Geneva until February 25, 2012. Stay tuned!

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